Reduced Fuel Use

SurPure guarantees* that by using our Ultra-Clean Fuel solution, you will experience a reduction in fuel consumption rate across your fleet without any potentially harmful fuel conditioning additives.

*Guarantee is subject to geographic location.

 Optimal Combustion

Better fuel economy is achieved by maintaining a pristine environment for the fuel injection process to occur. This includes proper fuel flow, atomization and spray geometry; fuel rate, shape, and timing; temperature and flame diffusion; and injector hole geometry and tolerances.

 Reduced Contaminants

SurPure removes the contaminants that cause wear and interference of critical clearances—delivering over 98% fewer particles compared with ISO 18/16/13.

 Better Performance

With effective fuel injection and maintaining proper characteristics of the state of gas throughout the combustion cycle, your equipment operates at the optimal design envelope resulting in high power output without demanding excessive fuel.

Field Data

Metric Underground Mine Surface Mine
Fuel Use In Liters Per Metered Hour 7.5% 6%

Underground mine data timeframe: Dec 2012 - Nov 2013
Surface mine data timeframe: Dec 2012 - Aug 2013

SurPure Guarantees* Reduced Fuel Use
How can we do this? Because our solution addresses the root cause of most fuel consumption issues.
And the data gathered from years in the field prove it.
*Guarantee is subject to geographic location.