Improved Reliability

SurPure does more than save you money by reducing fuel use – we also improve your equipment's reliability.
By eliminating contaminants, the primary cause of costly component failure, we help increase equipment uptime.


 Component Life

Eliminating contaminants from your fuel supply removes the primary cause of wear, and increases the lifespan of critical engine components. These include fuel injectors; piston crowns, rings, and seals; valves; connecting rods and bearings. By how much? We have shown increases of 2×, 3×, – even beyond 5× in some cases.

 Fleet Hours

By reducing engine wear and increasing component lifespan, the equipment in your fleet is down for maintenance less frequently. This not only saves you money on parts and maintenance – it saves you money on lost productivity for this upkeep. More of your fleet is in operation more of the time.

 Increased Output

Another benefit of using SurPure Ultra-Clean diesel fuel is an increase in the total productivity output of your operation. Using clean fuel enables you to restore the design specification of the engine, resulting in reduced power loss incidents and an increase in total horsepower hours. This impacts your production yield and enables you to optimize your fleet size.

SurPure gets to the root cause of engine component failure and eradicates it.