Environmental Compliance

Our Ultra-Clean Diesel Fuel, processed on site at your location, meets ISO 12/9/7 standards for emissions.
SurPure enables your fleet to be compliant with the new EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage IV regulations.


 New Regulations

In 2014 and 2015, the EPA and the EU are phasing in new requirements for equipment and vehicle emissions, requiring that that emissions of PM and NOx be further reduced by about 90%1. Unless new fuel cleanliness standards are adopted, many companies are at risk of falling out of compliance.

1Source: ECOpoint Inc. / dieselnet.com

 Ultra-Clean Fuel

SurPure provides diesel fuel that allows your equipment to meet the new environmental standards, protecting your license to operate, eliminating costly regulatory penalties, and improving worker safety and health – to say nothing of the positive impact on the environment.

 Brand Value

Using clean fuel isn't just beneficial to your bottom line. It is good for your public image. Environmental concerns are going mainstream, and when customers, partners, and community perceive you to be operating responsibly, it adds real value to your company, your brand, and your bottom line.

SurPure Ultra-Clean diesel fuel is the solution to the increasingly stringent environmental regulations.