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SurPure helps you reduce fuel use, improve the lifespan of your equipment, and increase
the efficiency and output of your operation.

SurPure Ultra-Clean Diesel Fuel – On Site

SurPure provides diesel fuel that is compliant with the ISO 12/9/7 standard – right at your location, directly from your storage tanks. The fuel has fewer than 2% of the total particulates found in ISO 18/16/13-rated fuel. Ultra-clean fuel enables your engine to comply with the new EPA Tier IV and EU Stage 4 regulations.

When you get started with SurPure, we send an engineer to your sites to take baseline measurements of the monthly fuel consumption for each of your pieces of equipment. Within three months, we deliver a compact SurPure fuel processing plant to your site, and every month we gather fuel use data from you, allowing you to track and analyze your fuel savings over time.

Our proprietary ISO-Pure unit, a state-of-the-art fuel processing plant measuring 10' x 10' x 20' in size, is installed on site and tied into your fuel storage/delivery system, requiring a minimal interruption of approximately 3 hours. That's about as seamless as it gets.

Is SurPure Right For You?

If your business has locations that use over 30 million liters of diesel fuel per year, SurPure can save you money – a lot of money. Using ultra-clean fuel enables optimal fuel injection to achieve complete combustion – resulting in improved fuel economy, increased productivity and engine component life, and increased profitability.

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Many industries utilize large quantities of diesel fuel. SurPure provides numerous benefits, including increased profitability and improved equipment life and performance, for any business that uses over 30 million gallons of fuel annually.
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