How It Works

Using ultra-clean fuel results in numerous benefits and added value.

Component Life

  • Drastically reduced 3-body abrasive wear to fuel injector critical clearance
  • Protects pistons from damage caused by improper fuel atomization
  • Increased lifespan of numerous engine components


  • Improved horsepower due to optimal combustion
  • Increased horsepower hours
  • Increased work output


  • Reduced fuel consumption via efficient combustion process
  • Reduced power loss incidents during production cycles
  • Reduced repairs means more of your equipment is in operation more of the time


  • Decreased operation cost due to frequent corrective maintenance intervention
  • Reduced cost of onboard fuel filtration
  • Eliminated cost of bulk fuel filtration management
The SurPure Onsite Fuel Processing Solution

Our onsite fuel processing solution allows you to achieve the fuel cleanliness specification as dictated by the fuel injector manufacturers to meet EPA Tier 3 and 4, and EU Stage IV environmental requirements. SurPure has designed a proprietary, state-of-the-art fuel processing solution that ties directly into your bulk fuel system, delivering ultra-clean fuel to your equipment. This fuel meets the ISO 4406 cleanliness standard of 12/9/7, protecting the critical clearances in those parts coming in direct contact with the fuel, thus providing a clean and efficient combustion process to your engines.

Our system is managed and maintained by SurPure, leaving you to focus on your production requirements.