Are key ingredients of the fuel removed at the ISO 12/9/7 level of cleanliness?

No. Several laboratory studies on fuel at various levels of cleanliness, including ISO 12/9/7, demonstrate this.


Will a SurPure installation affect my warranties?

On the contrary. We'd expect the machine manufacturers to be pleased that the incoming diesel was to such a cleanliness level.


Will this make our current filtration systems redundant or unnecessary?

We do not advocate that you change your procedures with the onboard diesel filters. If you have a filtration plant in service, we will discuss with you how it should be managed if maintained.


Isn't diesel fuel already as clean as ISO 12/9/7?

At this time, no. Some fuel companies have released or are releasing what they term "clean" diesel. Typically this is in the order of ISO 15/14/11 and you should question at which point of the custody transfer of the diesel it is it at this level. If the transfer network, storage and pipework is unchanged, it will "inherit" particulates from the old circuits.


Where is the SurPure product applied?

Right at your site. Each site is different so please contact us so we can discuss, inspect and make recommendations to you.


What's the catch?                                

There isn't one! We strongly believe that there is hidden economy in running your fleet on ultra clean diesel. So much so that we guarantee* the economy gains that make this a win-win for our customers and ourselves. *Guarantee is subject to geographic location.


Who will service the SurPure ISO-Pure unit?

We will. We require access to our systems and will work cooperatively with our customers to ensure we do not interrupt day to day work on site.


Are the SurPure systems safe?

Yes. They will comply with the safety requirements of each site.


What services does the SurPure system require?

Just a clear, level site and single phase power. That's it!


Will the SurPure system interrupt or restrict our diesel flow?

Not at all! The system is capable of continuous flow and will not restrict flow.



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