SurPure Benefits Your Company

SurPure provides you with numerous benefits, and does so while eliminating your risk. We help you improve profitability, even in an environment of constricted capital. We help you lower your fuel costs, improve equipment reliability, and decrease harmful emissions.
  • Better Fuel Economy

    By removing the contaminants that contribute to the direct interference and wear of critical clearances, your fuel spray pattern is improved, allowing optimal combustion efficiency, improved fuel economy, and increased profitability.
  • Fuel Injectors

    SurPure Ultra-Clean diesel fuel helps to maintain critical clearances of injectors, resulting in increased component life. This not only improves fuel economy, but significantly reduces the costs of maintenance and parts.
  • Less Downtime

    Fuel, parts, and maintenance aren't the only factors in your profitability. When your equipment is offline for maintenance or repair, you lose productive output. SurPure helps you minimize this downtime by extending component lifespan.

Above all, we improve your profitability – without requiring capital expenditure for any equipment.