• Ultra-CleanDiesel Fuel

    Save 5% or more in fuel use –
    with no capital outlay.

    On-Site Fuel Processing

    We clean diesel fuel to ISO 12/9/7 standard, right at your location. Learn more.

  • ImprovedProfitability

    Lower your fuel, maintenance, and repair costs with SurPure.

    SurPure Saves You Money

    Use less fuel, extend component lifespan, and boost profitability. Learn more.

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Using Clean Fuel Means Using Less Fuel


Key Benefits


On site fuel processing: no contamination due to transportation.

Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors last longer and generate better combustion.

Increased Profitability

Increased fuel economy and longer component life saves you money.


ISO 12/9/7 Clean

Over 98% fewer particulates than ISO 18/16/32!

Less Downtime

Using clean fuel results in increased maintenance cycle times


The SurPure Guarantee: you will use less fuel and save money*

*Guarantee is subject to geographic location.


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